7 Minute Explanation about the Mechanics of HyperVerse - Dedicated to the Poor People

April 12, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2022 Episode 1110
7 Minute Explanation about the Mechanics of HyperVerse - Dedicated to the Poor People
Show Notes

Hello everybody this is Danny James de Hek

A simple explanation about the mechanics of HyperVerse for the poor people.

Let’s pretend HyperVerse is a casino.

It’s got flashy lights on the outside and lots of advertisements enticing you to come on in and have a play.

It’s themed as an EcoSystem a Virtual MetaVerse, all the artwork is stolen but you don’t realise this at the time and it looks good.

Some of the signs that you see, say if you come in you’re guaranteed to win three or four times your money.

Not only that but the people coming out the doors of the casino are laughing with tears of joy because they have had such a fantastic experience.

So you decide you want to go and have a flutter. But to get in the casino doors, you need to acquire a membership.

Let’s just say you can get different levels of memberships: 400, 800, 1200 and 3600

The HyperVerse Membership will give you credits and benefits that you can only use in the casino once you have been there for a long time.

You go to pay and they tell you the only way you can purchase one of the memberships is by using USDT crypto!

Maybe you are a bit dubious using crypto to purchase something, but you are familiar with gambling so you feel good about it all.

They recommend you go down to your local crypto exchange, which is partly owned by one of the casino owners and purchase some USDT on your credit card and to come back once you’ve done this.

Once you’ve figured out how to do that, you’re probably thinking you’re pretty savvy and a crypto genius. Of course this does build your confidence, now you have earned the right to go into the casino.

So when you’re in the casino there’s a lot of people having a good time, it’s a real community. Long term VIP members come and sit right next to you and they say, “do you have any friends or family that you could invite to come down and enjoy the experience of the Casino with you?”

They also explain that if you do this, you’ll get rewarded by the casino.

These people sitting next to you will give you some suggestions on what to say, they will train you because they want everyone to be a winner at this casino.

They say, “Don’t worry if you don’t know what to say when you get stuck explaining how it works, just give me the phone and I’ll explain it to them for you.”

Now you’ve got friends and family around you playing at the casino and you’ve had enough, you’ve tripled your investment and you haven’t even really done anything. It’s so good, let’s go to the casher and take some money out.

You start asking other people how to take rewards out. They say “are you leaving?”They encourage you to reinvest into the casino for greater rewards. They explain that you can only take 00.5% of your reward each day, and the casino frowns on this if you do it too often.

They smile at you, and say you’re part of the HyperCasino Community. It’s just like Hotel California, you can check-in but you can never check-out.

So now you decide to start doing a bit of due diligence. You start searching the Internet for answers and you find this guy called Danny de Hek.


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