Marc Gardiner (AU) Vs Danny de Hek (NZ) - Is HyperNation a Scam or Legitimate?

July 18, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2022 Episode 1113
Marc Gardiner (AU) Vs Danny de Hek (NZ) - Is HyperNation a Scam or Legitimate?
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Hello, I’m Danny de Hek and I’m your saviour from HyperNation. If you’ve been watching my videos, you will see, I did a video like that. Trying to warn people from HyperVerse. I thought it would be good. To go down memory lane. I don’t want you to go to the EcoSystem. I don’t want you to prepare yourself for the new digital world.

[00:00:28] I want you to come on a journey with me through my videos. I did about four months ago. I had this smashing interview. With one of my Australian friends called Mark Gardner. And he was an advocate for HyperVerse. He was convinced that HyperVerse, we’re gonna build his future for him. And even his brother.

[00:00:57] He had invested $5,000 and he was getting $140 a day of rewards. And he was rebuying and taking the money out. He had two accounts and he was worried that I was going to Doman to the leaders. At HyperVerse like I had inside knowledge that no one else did a hotline or a telephone where I could communicate with them.

[00:01:25] I would be the only person on planet earth who could do that. If this was the case. If you have not been following the journey of HyperVerse HyperNation averse, HyperNation color star. Group tech, whatever tech group, whatever. There’s so many different brands. And now they’ve recently rebred to HyperNation.

[00:01:47] So I did the decent thing and I thought I’ll reach out to mark and say, Hey mark, please listen to me. This time. Don’t invest in HyperNation. Don’t buy one of those NFTs who don’t need one. You’ll be fine. Living on earth without an NFT. You’ll be okay. Trust Danny. Ah, that was funny. I really enjoyed doing that.

[00:02:13] Actually. I was sort of wondering how that was gonna go, but you know, you, you try doing these things and. you just think, am I gonna come across as an idiot? You know, it was one of the things I did when I did this Video with Mark Gardner. Now he’s an Aussie and I did have the Australian national Anthem ready to go, but I’ve lost it.

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