South African Man Lost 320,000 Rand ($18k USD) to HyperVerse (HVT) Crypto MetaVerse MLM Ponzi Scheme

October 14, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK (Host) Colin Veeran (Guest) Season 2022 Episode 1117
South African Man Lost 320,000 Rand ($18k USD) to HyperVerse (HVT) Crypto MetaVerse MLM Ponzi Scheme
Show Notes

Another sad story, this time... A retired 57 year old man was conned into HyperVerse by a friend who is no longer helping him, talking to him or having anything to do with Colin Veeran who is from South Africa. Colin has lost 320,000 Rand ($18k USD)

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Introduction 00:00:00
The Podcast 00:08:00
Lost 320,000 Rand ($18k USD) 00:15:00
Latest Claims from HyperVerse 00:16:00
Mike Lucas 00:21:00
Withdraw Feasibility 00:23:00
Take Legal Action 00:29:00
New Investment Opportunities 00:35:55
Riki Tainui - Multi-level Marketer 00:38:00
Hanging onto Hope 00:42:20
Is HyperNation a Ponzi Scheme 00:49:30
Retirement Money Gone 00:52:00
Suicidal Thoughts 00:53:00
Just wants his Money Out 00:56:00
Can God help 01:00:00
Helping Others 01:01:00
Support Group 01:02:00
Instagram get your Money Back Scammers 01:05:00
Loneliness  01:10:00
Conclusion 01:12:00

The latest video is "Interview with Pinakee Naik and Yvonne Henry for Aussies, Kiwis, and everyone."https://odysee.com/@dehek:6/Interview-with-Pinakee-Nait-and-Yvonne-Henry-for-Aussies,-Kiwis,-and-everyone:8 Latest update on the recovery plan from HyperVerse - they plan to commence the payout of 1x this month.

It's impossible for that to happen, HyperNation doesn't want anything to do with the debt of HyperVerse it is a different entity. As Whitney Smart says HyperFund, HyperVerse and HyperNation are all hedge funds and all under the same umbrella as Hypertech group.

HyperNation has stolen the sales team stripped HyperVerse of all its assets they are now doing a rinse and repeat with HyperNation.

If you can give me any leads, images or videos, helping me track down any information about these people please submit it via DANNY : DE HEK website’s Contact https://www.dehek.com/contact/ page (anonymously)

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