Are you a HyperNation Ponzi Scheme Victim! Contemplating Suicide? Understanding & Preventing Suicide

October 30, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK / Season 2022 Episode 1119
Are you a HyperNation Ponzi Scheme Victim! Contemplating Suicide? Understanding & Preventing Suicide
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[00:00:00] DANNY : DE HEK: Are you a Ponzi scheme victim? Are you contemplating suicide? That question has proven to be a lifesaver. If you have a friend or a family member who may be isolated, who you know that is involved in crypto opportunities, the best question you could ask them right now with all the doom and gloom that’s going on in the crypto.

[00:00:29] DANNY : DE HEK: Is, are you contemplating suicide? What do you do if somebody comes back and says, Yes, I am today’s Tube Cast and podcast. I have a guest speaker by the name of Michael Hemps Seed, and he talks about his experience in helping people who have mental illness. He’s an author of a book called Being a True Hero, Understanding and Preventing Suicide in our Community.

[00:01:01] DANNY : DE HEK: He’s also a 10 x speaker and he’s willing to help people over Zoom who reach out to him, and he will give you some practical advice that you may be able to give to a friend or reach out to him if you do have those thoughts. He’s willing to help. There’s so many pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing opportunities, Ponzi schemes, and online scam.

[00:01:27] DANNY : DE HEK: Going around at the moment and people around the globe are getting scammed out of billions of dollars. Have you ever thought about where that money is actually coming from? The demographics of people that are being scammed is actually 50 and above going by my research. They get involved in these Zoom meetings.

[00:01:51] DANNY : DE HEK: They listen to people’s stories who are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. And telling people how wonderful it is and how they’re getting their return on their investment. They’re preaching a message of doom and gloom, telling people that pensions are not safe. I have personally interviewed two people that have taken all of their pension funds out and put it into HyperVerse being told that within 600 days they’re going to get three times their.

[00:02:24] DANNY : DE HEK: When I first started doing these videos exposing Ponzi schemes, I thought people were greedy. I thought, Did you really think that people were gonna get three or four times their return on their investment in such a short period of time? But when I interviewed these people that were about to retire and they tell me their stories, I realized that.

[00:02:52] DANNY : DE HEK: Had been fooled. If so, if you are a victim, don’t feel that you were silly. A lot of people will not talk to me about their losing their them losing their investment. In fact, they clamber, they keep it to themselves. They isolate themselves. Often they’re widowed or widowers, and they’ve literally lost their life savings.

[00:03:20] DANNY : DE HEK: They are home alone. And that’s why we need to, as a community, reach out to these people and maybe ask them that very question, Are you contemplating suicide? I have asked multiple people that question, and it has always turned out for the better. No one has ever told me off for asking such a personal question.

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