HyperNation News Update – The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger

November 14, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK / ROB WOOLLEY Season 2022 Episode 1120
HyperNation News Update – The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger
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[00:00:00] Danny de Hek: I’m recording now. We’re live. Rob.

[00:00:03] Rob Woolley: Hi, my name’s Rob. And your name is Ronnie. Oh, not the Hi Ronnie. AKA

[00:00:11] Danny de Hek: Danny. Yeah. No, I’m Danny de Hek. Yes.

[00:00:15] Rob Woolley: Yep. Sorry, we’re starting this video a little bit late because Danny’s head was so big. We had to widen the door to get him in tonight, where I shave my eyebrows.

[00:00:24] Rob Woolley: He, he was in the New York Times yesterday. Was I? Yes.

[00:00:28] Danny de Hek: What didn’t you tell me? You told me. Oh yeah. Sorry. I woke up. Thought it was a dream.

[00:00:35] Rob Woolley: So we are gonna be talking about everything, HyperNation, HyperVerse, HyperFund, Hyper HyperBole, even Hyper HyperBolic, whatever that is. Rhetorical devices, we’re gonna use them all.

[00:00:47] Rob Woolley: But actually what we are gonna do is I’m gonna ask Danny cuz I haven’t been, I haven’t been surfing the Hyper highway of news on what is all up to date on HyperNation in particular. So, Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny, what have I missed out on in the last four weeks? Well,

[00:01:08] Danny de Hek: brace yourself. People are now living in the, in the EcoSystem.

[00:01:13] Danny de Hek: No way. Nah, it’s a joke. . No, that’s such thing is it? I know.

[00:01:18] Rob Woolley: Efi, do you know? Did I heard the other day I shot you? Not I heard the other day. Right? There’s actually many HyperVerses. Even roadblocks, which my daughter plays is actually a not, No, not a, not a HyperVerse. A MetaVerse. Oh.

[00:01:34] Danny de Hek: Well, I think I, I don’t play games at all.

[00:01:36] Danny de Hek: I hate games. And I think the gaming people have been doing the MetaVerse stuff for a long time. Mm. And I think the whole thing is bringing the, the 50 year old plus people into the gaming world, because I actually, when I listen to all the stuff that’s going on with HyperNation at the moment, I actually, it sounds like a game.

[00:01:54] Danny de Hek: And they’ve just bought themselves a ticket for an arcade

[00:01:56] Rob Woolley: game. It certainly does sound like a game. I’m not too sure anybody’s winning from that game so far, but HyperGame. It, it is. Yeah. It’s a hope a it was like a squid game, but without squid. No, it’s like a gambling. Yes. So any, Anyway, anyway, the last, the last I got involved, they, they were trying to get everybody their one X back.


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