Is SEO a Scam? How to Combat Sneaky/Misleading Sales Tactics - Unsolicited Email/Phone Call Pitches

November 17, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK (Host) MARK KEVIN MAGCALING (Guest) Season 2022 Episode 1121
Is SEO a Scam? How to Combat Sneaky/Misleading Sales Tactics - Unsolicited Email/Phone Call Pitches
Show Notes

[00:00:00] Danny de Hek: Hello, beautiful people. How are you doing? I’m Danny de Hek. Thank you for pressing play and listening to my video. I got to be in the New York Times. I got a whole page on Danny de Hek busting Ponzi scheme that they called me the Crypto Ponzi Scheme. Avenger, what a name. And that means I’ve actually gained some followers while people who subscribe to my YouTube channel.

[00:00:25] Danny de Hek: So thank you so much. If you’re one of those people, and you may not have seen my videos before, I record them like I’m live streaming. And then I upload them later on. I don’t like editing much. I’m also dyslexic. So if you read my show notes and look at the timestamps, cuz you might wanna jump forward to the part you wanna watch, then you might find some spelling mistakes.

[00:00:47] Danny de Hek: And I really love people who comment on my videos. It’s your your choice. You can comment on this video and tell me what you think and if you hit the thumbs up button that tells YouTube you like my videos and it sends it out to the masses. And then I can help name and shame these people that are running Ponzi scheme.

[00:01:05] Danny de Hek: And that’s my main goal. My goal at the moment is to be a full-time YouTuber and it’s not easy becoming a YouTuber. So I really value having you here. Now I’m gonna tell you a little bit of a story about something that happened last Friday that was before I was famous in the New York Times. Had a young fella from an SEO company telephoned.

[00:01:25] Danny de Hek: Now, if you’ve got a small to medium sized business and you have a website, you’re probably experiencing the same thing I’m experiencing. You get in emails every day from people. I delete these emails. The same people email me in two days time asking me if I had a chance to read their emails. So when someone tele phones me based in New Zealand where I’m from and claims that they can do the SEO for my website and don’t really understand my business or have they really researched my business it really annoys me.

[00:01:58] Danny de Hek: So this is the splash screen that we’ll be doing today, website design and development companies. Sorry I said that wrong. Website design and development SEO companies. Are you being exploited? Is SEO a scam? Now I’m pretty aggressive to anyone that claims they can do my SEO, but. I take a lot of my SEO for granted because I have some good practices when I’m doing new content now I am everywhere.

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