Carl Haavaldsen Outrages HyperCommunity EXPLOSIVE VIDEO destroys HYPERCOSMOS and HYPERNATION

December 14, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2022 Episode 1124
Carl Haavaldsen Outrages HyperCommunity EXPLOSIVE VIDEO destroys HYPERCOSMOS and HYPERNATION
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I’ve been watching the antics of Carl Haavaldsen for months. Carl doesn’t care about anyone except himself, he openly professors to promoting Ponzi schemes, claiming to have made $4500 a day out of HyperVerse.

He has been in network marketing for over 42 years and in the Crypto industry for 9 years, proudly sharing his journey with his followers to entrap them in the get rich quick investment opportunities he promotes;  Ultron, NovatechFX, MacroGold, WippoFund, Pegasus and Everything Hyper and now HyperCosmos!

When I saw this video of him explaining how everyone had lost their money in HyperVerse and boldly stating the only way they could get any money back, was by recruiting people into HyperCosmos, this outraged the HyperCommunity. I believe this destroys what’s left of the people who follow all the hyper Ponzi schemes.

This is also a condemning video which I will do my best to give to newspapers in Canada showing help latently this guy is promoting Ponzi schemes. Watch the Original Video on my Odyssey account at https://odysee.com/@dehek:6/2022-12-08-Hyper-Cosmos-Full-Explanation-on-how-it-works.mp4 In this video he alleges “100% clarity of exactly what’s happening with HyperCosmos” he also has requested the video to be removed from YouTube and has removed the video from his own private Vimeo account.

The Video was re-uploaded to HCommunity (@hcommunity2022) YouTube Channel, he formally requested them to remove the video.

- WHAT : DE HEK Podcast: https://podcast.dehek.com
- FULL LENGHT VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWqsTdmecGY
- CARL'S FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/uwanted2know
- CARL'S DANNY DE HEK PROFILE https://app.milanote.com/1P3IUA1xxvgxdS?p=E15Ida2kRgq

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