ViDiLOOK’s Collapse: Garrett Blakeslee Exposes Sam Lee’s Fraud, Scam & Betrayal Behind the Failure!

August 28, 2023 DANNY : DE HEK / GARRETT BLAKESLEE Season 2023 Episode 1143
ViDiLOOK’s Collapse: Garrett Blakeslee Exposes Sam Lee’s Fraud, Scam & Betrayal Behind the Failure!
Show Notes

Join Danny de Hek, a.k.a The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger, as he dives deep into a candid phone conversation with Garrett Blakeslee, a key figure entangled in the ViDiLOOK controversy. (Download the PDF)

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In this revealing video, Danny shares the unedited telephone recording with Garrett, shedding light on the accusations and evidence surrounding Sam Lee’s alleged fraudulent activities. Learn about Garrett’s role as a consultant, his salary, and the trail of financial transactions that suggest Sam’s control over ViDiLOOK’s funds.

Discover the unraveling narrative of ViDiLOOK’s rise and fall, as Danny and Garrett discuss the power struggles within the company. Explore how Conrad Simon Swailes, ViDiLOOK’s CEO, battled to introduce legitimacy to the platform, only to face resistance from Sam Lee himself.

Uncover the murky world of financial desperation as Sam’s attempts to preserve his lifestyle and reputation lead to shocking revelations. Learn about Dubai’s complex legal landscape and the obstacles it presents to bringing scammers like Sam Lee to justice.

Delve into the intricate details of Sam’s shady practices, including allegations of misappropriation, questionable business ventures, and false ownership claims. Join Danny and Garrett as they discuss the impact of Sam’s actions on innocent investors and the desire to expose his deception.

Gain insights into the broader cryptocurrency community as the conversation touches on Kalpesh Patel, Dubai visas, and the complexities of managing businesses in a foreign environment. With over 600 tokens created by Sam, explore the speculative world of illiquid assets and potential cryptocurrency involvement.

As the truth unfolds, witness the desperation and strategies behind the scenes to counter Sam Lee’s actions and hold him accountable for his alleged crimes. But beware, as the conversation also raises concerns about safety, retaliation, and the risks involved in unmasking a high-stakes fraudster.

Tune in to this eye-opening video and empower yourself with knowledge about the ViDiLOOK scandal, Sam Lee’s alleged fraudulent activities, and the individuals determined to expose the truth.

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