12 Questions with 'Every Story My Story' Jo McClelland-Phillips

December 07, 2020 DANNY : DE HEK / Jo McClelland-Phillips Season 2020 Episode 1080
12 Questions with 'Every Story My Story' Jo McClelland-Phillips
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Transcribed by Otter

Danny de Hek 0:00
Today, and now I'm going to give you your name, because I can't do it really well, because we have a common, some common interests that people will find out about the minute. They're what's your name?

Jo McClelland-Phillips 0:11
So I'm Jo McClelland-Phillips.

Danny de Hek 0:14
Excellent. That made my life easier. So thank you very much. Jo, come on today to answer 12 questions with myself. And I'm looking forward to this. So the first one is a real simple question. I hope it's - Who is your hero?

Jo McClelland-Phillips 0:27
Oh, golly, um, I have several, but I think probably the, the woman I go back to the most is Margaret Atwood, who's a Canadian author. She, she wrote on Handmaid's Tale, which a lot of people know because of the TV show. But we studied her in school, and I actually started off hating her in high school. And then I came back to her as an adult and realised how brilliant she is. And beyond her, her writing, which is sensational. I just love her works with the environment and women's rights and being Canadian, and from same part of Canada's myself, I really just enjoy her and love her. And I'm always taking notice of what she's doing.

Danny de Hek 1:14
Because you're Canadian, and you're living in Australia.

Jo McClelland-Phillips 1:17
I am Canadian living in Australia. Yes.

Danny de Hek 1:20
It's a story in itself. I'll go straight into question number two, what makes you laugh the most.

Jo McClelland-Phillips 1:27
I'm myself, actually, I'm always laughing at myself in good and bad ways. So I tend to make jokes that no one else seems to get, which I think are hilarious. And I make a lot of mistakes. And I mess up a lot, which, when I was younger, would make me really embarrassed and I get really self conscious. But having that my husband who finds the joy and the humour in mistakes, he just, I'll say something that's upside down and backwards. And he'll go, you just say that I'm like, Yeah, I was kind of hoping he missed that one. I was kind of hoping he would just go. But it never does. He always hears it. And it's really taught me to laugh at myself. So yeah, probably me.

Danny de Hek 2:13
Because of dyslexia, I can value that as well. I think you got to have a sense of humour when you're wrong, and I got away with it.

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