12 Questions with 'The Intuitive Life Academy' Rebecca Davison

December 18, 2020 DANNY : DE HEK / Rebecca Davison Season 2020 Episode 1081
12 Questions with 'The Intuitive Life Academy' Rebecca Davison
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Transcribed by Otter

Danny de Hek 0:00
I am going to get you to introduce yourself because I always get people’s names wrong.

So you are

Rebecca Davison 0:06
Rebecca Davison, thank you for having me Danny it’s great to be here.

Danny de Hek 0:10
Good. Now we’re gonna get straight into it and muck around. We’ve got 12 questions which have been scrutinised by judges, and we’re gonna see how you answer them. I’m gonna ask you who what you do. So a nice simple one straightaway. What is your favourite book to read?

Rebecca Davison 0:27
Oh, I’m a big reader. So that’s actually quite a hard question for me. Two books actually sprang to mind though, I love the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which is about the sheep herd that goes on a spiritual journey essentially. And it’s, you know, it’s quite well known that alchemists so if you haven’t read it, make sure you do the other one that I have read multiple times. And I do love a book that you go back to and read again and again and again. Because you pick up different information is the book The road less travelled. And that is actually by a psychiatrist called in Scott peak, who’s written quite a few books after that, but there’s probably his most Well, no, and that’s, you know, the first sentence in the book is life is difficult. So in the end, obviously, he helps us to unpack how you can navigate through life and take the road less travelled, which brings you more fulfilment and happiness. So yeah, those be my top two off the top of my head.

Danny de Hek 1:32
Most people don’t believe me when I say it but I’ve never read a book of my life.

Rebecca Davison 1:35
Wow. But I bet you absorb information like crazy though, right?

Danny de Hek 1:40
I’ve discovered learning is I’ve got older and I love learning stuff in audiobooks is where I’m at at the moment. Yeah, yeah. Interesting enough. I went to a group called the speaker’s group, and they had people can do readings. And this guy was doing Mr. Penguin. They called Winnie the Pooh.

Oh, yes, yes one of my favourites

He was so animated and we were so quiet, quiet. And he was like, mesmerised. We were mesmerised by him doing it that he don’t we weren’t interested in what he was saying. Because, wow,

Rebecca Davison 2:17
He’s a good storyteller. Because when he dipoto, you have to do all the voices did he do? He must have Yeah. So of course, you’d be listening very intently. Because that’s part of the process of the pleasure, especially of a book like that.

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