Think Tank Topic: Learnings About 2020 - Experiences, Problems and Solutions

December 20, 2020 DANNY : DE HEK / ELITE : SIX MEMBERS Season 2020 Episode 1083
Think Tank Topic: Learnings About 2020 - Experiences, Problems and Solutions
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Danny de Hek 0:00
We have a riveting topic that we're going to discuss with these lovely people in the Zoom Room today called learning about 2020. And we're not going to mention anything about technology today with David Clarkson. Alright, so we're gonna get straight into it. We have a mind map on the screen. I would like to just did that.


Shaun Jin 0:21
Hey, mute.

Danny de Hek 0:25
I'm going to share my map. Hopefully it's gonna work this week. We had problem with technology last week. Now you're doing it might not work.

Rob Woolley 0:33
Did you mention the technology? Danny? Oh. words? Can

Danny de Hek 0:39
we see a big screen on the table? No. Okay. I got to do something here. We'll just get this going starting this start? All right, I need to see what you guys are seeing. And just for the, for the people who are new here, we actually are broadcasting this on our closed Facebook group, but it's not going public. But that means you can refer back to it later on if you'd like. I'm going to just get my screens in order. Right. So have suppose the what's the people's experience been in 2021? running the business would probably be a nice way to start off as a general question.

Rob Woolley 1:18

Danny de Hek 1:21
Fantastic. Well, yeah,

Paul Starling 1:25
Best year so far.

Danny de Hek 1:28

Raymond Lum 1:29
I only wait sometime in September. So I was late to the party.

Danny de Hek 1:35
Right? And did you make a transition between full time? How did you make that leap?

Raymond Lum 1:44
Oh, I pretty much got made redundant from my previous job. Right.

Danny de Hek 1:50
I'd like to know other people that got made redundant who knit in the window, who now within themselves Anyone else?

Paul Starling 1:55

Danny de Hek 1:56
Yep, I think Mark was as well weren't you.

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