Think Tank Topic: Checklist for 2021 WOF - Experiences, Problems and Solutions

January 20, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK / ELITE : SIX MEMBERS Season 2021 Episode 1087
Think Tank Topic: Checklist for 2021 WOF - Experiences, Problems and Solutions
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Danny de Hek 0:00
Welcome to elite six business networking Think Tank, facilitated by your host, Danny de Hek . The place where decision makers come together to share their experience, knowledge and skill

1st meeting for 2021. And we do have a theme today. And it’s checklist for 2021. And we call it last year I think Warren a fitness. So I don’t know if any of us have got our WOF, in business ever. It’s not we’re allowed to start a business, you don’t need to get a certificate to start your own business, like children really, isn’t it? Yeah, you can just have children and be responsible parents.

David Clarkson 0:44
On some of them in some of the professions you have once of fitness, like the accountants and what have you, and they get checked from time to time and they’ve got they’ve got to pass the audit if they want to maintain the run. So, you know, and I believe some of the lawyers and architects do the same thing. So

Helen Oakes 1:08
I suppose it isn’t done for more industries. Really, when you think about it? Yeah, yeah.

David Clarkson 1:13
Well, I don’t for buildings, let’s face it.

Danny de Hek 1:17
I like it, you can just about be as long as you’ve got a What do you call that thing? Public liability. You’re calling yourself an IT professional and supposed to be depends what you’re working on really small stuff isn’t really that big a deal. Right, listen to yourselves. I’ll start my name is Danny. And I’m, what am I? What am I What am I don’t know what I am, I’m actually starting to do a lot of online workshops and courses. And I’ve just managed to buy some software to do that. So I’m really looking forward to getting that going. And I’m going to probably start recording my first LinkedIn course this afternoon. And I’m looking forward to that. So that’s going to be a course I’ve actually ran face to face a couple of times, and I’ve also run it online over zoom. We’re real people. So now I’m gonna chop that up and make a call. So that’s what are my new ventures for 2021. And, Helen, what do you do?

Helen Oakes 2:14
I’m Helen, I am a photographer and digital artist. I consider myself an entrepreneur. I’m making a new business, a new store for my digital art. And I’ve started podcasting but I need to keep going because I’ve only done a few. And what was the other thing? blogging? Bit of a blogger, but need to keep doing that.

Danny de Hek 2:42
And you’ve started a new project this year. Um, new project?

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