Think Tank Topic: Creating Lasting Business Habits by ELITE : SIX Business Networking over ZOOM

February 06, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK / ELITE : SIX MEMBERS Season 2021 Episode 1090
Think Tank Topic: Creating Lasting Business Habits by ELITE : SIX Business Networking over ZOOM
Show Notes

ELITE : SIX Think Tank meetings are discussed over Zoom with our members every Friday at 9:30am.

Facilitated by DANNY : DE HEK meetings are recorded for our Podcast, we’ve been doing this since COVID-19 if you’re interested in joining in with us check out our Website.

Danny de Hek 0:00
We have a good crew with us today and thank you for coming along, we have a think tank topic called “Creating Lasting Business Habits”. And I think we’d all agree that it’s pretty easy to create a habit, but having one that sticks with you and becomes a business habit is probably one of the harder ones to adopt.

So we’re gonna break that meeting into four parts, we’re going to talk about people’s experiences of trying to create lasting habits, problems they face. And then we’re going to discuss some solutions. And hopefully at the end of the meeting, which will be in about 30 minutes, some takeaways, and then we’ll come up with next week’s topic. However, I’d just like to do a quick introduction of who’s in the room so our listeners can figure that out. And I’m going to start the top left of my screen, which I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got Laughlin in this box. Yes. Who are you Laughlin?

Lachlan McNeill 1:03
I’m Laughlin surprisingly enough. I’m a recruiter, recruitment and careers. And there’s also quite a few other things as well. But I specialise in technical careers, which is engineers, architects, project managers and construction.

Danny de Hek 1:18
That sounds exciting. And Helen, who’s right next to me

Helen Oakes 1:21
I’m, I’m Helen I’m a photographer, and I mainly specialise in sports photography. Also do portraits and landscapes and I sell my art prints.

Danny de Hek 1:31
There you go and Paul

Paul Starling 1:35
I run Canterbury Computers out of Rangiora. We look at the home users and small businesses also a Microsoft Partner.

Danny de Hek 1:46
Microsoft, my favourite friends. Excellent. Shaun, why don’t you live and you’re not being? breakfast? Shawn?

Shaun Jin 1:56
Me? Oh, yeah. Oh, Sean from Quality Clean. Once stop service, property services improve. And we focused on pest controls. And then we also do healthy home checks recently.

Danny de Hek 2:16
I try to show you during, yeah, what do they call healthy home checks? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. We had somebody come and do as I say, David Clarkson.

David Clarkson 2:24
Hi I am David Clarkson? From dynamic communication. We’re in the communication business, we build more confident, more competent, more credible communicators.

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