Think Tank Topic: Getting Money in NOW - Experiences, Problems and Solutions

March 23, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK / ELITE : SIX MEMBERS Season 2021 Episode 1095
Think Tank Topic: Getting Money in NOW - Experiences, Problems and Solutions
Show Notes

ELITE : SIX Think Tank meetings are discussed over Zoom with our members every Friday at 10:00am.

Facilitated by DANNY : DE HEK meetings are recorded for our Podcast, we’ve been doing this since COVID-19 if you’re interested in joining in with us check out our Website.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:00]
Welcome to, uh, ELITE : SIX think tank meeting and you're listening to one, two, three, four, five, six people who are members of ELITE : SIX. You get together each week to discuss the topic. Today's theme is actually. Getting money in now we talked about grabbing some low hanging fruit from your business when you need to get some money.

And then we've just got a think tank meeting and progress, but I just wanted to go around the room quickly and just introducing who's in the room. So, Paul, would you like to introduce yourself please?

Paul Starling: [00:00:28]
Yep. Um, pull stalling. Um, Paul Starling I am based out in Rangiora North Canterbury, about 40 minutes North of Christchurch and I run Canterbury Computer Services. And we provide it services for small businesses and home users. And for little sidekick, I also have Kiwi Souvenirs, and we send soft and fluffy toys all over the world.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:51]
Thank you very much. And Lachland.

Lachlan McNeill: [00:00:53]
Yes. I'm Lachlan McNeill. I have a company called a Acorva recruitment with technical recruiters, dealing with engineers and architects and the like, and I also have, uh, an on-brand, which I'm developing called earn your crust, which is all about the wiggling world of work and a small business.

Mark Scown: [00:01:10]
Yeah, Mark Scown an insurance broker, but it's clients ranging from Auckland to Dunedin and a West coast based in North Canterbury though. I specialize in personal and small risk business risk, uh, insurance, but my particular specialty is being able to provide a restructuring of existing clients and insurances to give them a long-term affordability and sustainability by getting into, um, levelled premiums and the core elements.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:01:38]
Thank you, Rob.

Rob Woolley: [00:01:39]
My name is Mr. Woolley and I run Academy and ticks in Academy training Academy and takes specializes on English, porcelain and Academy training specializes on teaching you, uh, public speaking, presenting skills, leadership management skills, basically anything with wisdom.

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