WHAT : DE HEK Podcast - 12 Questions with 'Teresa Guffanti & Ann Harrison' (Blind Sighted Ladies)

March 29, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK, Teresa Guffanti and Ann Harrison Season 2021 Episode 1096
WHAT : DE HEK Podcast - 12 Questions with 'Teresa Guffanti & Ann Harrison' (Blind Sighted Ladies)
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DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:00]  Welcome along if I got a treat for you, ladies and gentlemen. I have got two people on my show today that are blind and we are actually recording this from Clubhouse and they're in the room and I'm going to get them to introduce themselves briefly and tell us who they are. Ann would you like to go first?

Ann Harrison: [00:00:34] Sure. My name is Ann Harrison. I am an author, a professional writer, and I am a podcaster.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:44] Brilliant and in our Clubhouse room yesterday Teresa, I just meet Teresa yesterday and she was the first person in two months, To actually cry on a Clubhouse room. And we've got a great friendship that's growing every day. So Theresa, tell us about you.

Teresa Guffanti: [00:01:01] So as, you know, as you just said, my name is Theresa. I am the host of "Struggling blessed, but not alone". I am diligently. I am almost totally blind. I only have 90% or 10% sight left. And I I'm a motivator motivational speaker as well.

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:01:19] And she's brilliant. She told me yesterday that she had 750 downloads and has generated around about $200 from her podcasting efforts to date.

And I thought, well, you can do my marketing for me. If you have accomplished that. And being blind, we were talking to the clubhouse room and we still are.

And I said, I had this format for my podcast. It works and it's 12 random questions and I have a sort of like a pack of cards and I shuffle it and I just picked 12 random questions and I asked.

I'll ask Ann and I'll ask Theresa to answer the version of the question. So let's go for the first one. The first question here we have today is what was the most unusual thing you had ever eaten? Theresa? Would you like to tell everyone what's the most unusual thing you've eaten as a blind person?

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