Mike Armstrong - Screw The Big Rooms Clubhouse Club by Welsh Dragon

April 01, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK / Mike Armstrong Season 2021 Episode 1097
Mike Armstrong - Screw The Big Rooms Clubhouse Club by Welsh Dragon
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DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:00] Welcome along with Mike Armstrong all the way from England. And I think you're a 13 hours behind us. Am I correct? Or is it 11 hours?

Mike Armstrong: [00:00:22] 11 o'clock at night tonight. This time. What time are

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:00:24] you on? Let's see this terminology. We a quarter pass 16 minutes past 11:00 AM on a Tuesday. And I presume you're on a Monday evening. Yeah. Well, when I was doing daylight saving things that seems to screw us all around. Alrighty. So welcome. Thank you for coming along. We've known each other for roundabout 10 weeks now to via Clubhouse and why at the very start we see we're going to do a podcast exchange.

And so this is what we're doing today. My format of my podcast, for those for you, who's listening is I've got 12 unprompted questions to ask Mike. And in along the way, we'll find out who he is and what he's patient and about. So the first question that is totally random, even, I don't know what it's going to be.

What is the distinct, oops, what is the distinction between feeling good in business and not feeling good? What makes you feel good in business, Mike?

Mike Armstrong: [00:01:16] For me, it's been able to help and impact as many people as possible. That makes me feel good. And if I'm not helping and impacting people, especially large numbers of people that I don't feel so good.

So I love to help people. And you know, the more the

DANNY : DE HEK: [00:01:31] merrier.

A few years ago, I added a connector into my boudoir things. I do. I think you'd label yourself as a connector. I don't know anyone actually, who connects people more than you do listening to you on clubhouse? True. Say

Mike Armstrong: [00:01:46] I wouldn't say I'm a super connector. So I've learned, I like to connect with other super connectors around the world so that we can form a super connection. So network really. And you know, I think that then allows you to impact more.

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