WHAT : DE HEK Podcast - 12 Questions with ‘Ex-Jehovah’s Witness’ Darick Mitchell (Heathen Humanist)

June 07, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK / DARICK MITCHELL Season 2021 Episode 1100
WHAT : DE HEK Podcast - 12 Questions with ‘Ex-Jehovah’s Witness’ Darick Mitchell (Heathen Humanist)
Show Notes

Danny de Hek: [00:00:00] You’re listening to Danny, on WHAT : DE HEK podcast. This is the place where I share my experience, knowledge and skills.

Darick Mitchell: [00:00:11] guest

Danny de Hek: [00:00:12] all the way from America, which I haven’t actually asked you. What part of America you’re from. You have to tell us Darick

Darick Mitchell: [00:00:18] Well Utar right now, but you time Nevada in Oklahoma

Danny de Hek: [00:00:23] Isn’t that where all the, the Mormons live.

Darick Mitchell: [00:00:26] Yup. Deal with them all day. Every day.

Danny de Hek: [00:00:30] Yeah.

I’m just curious where the Mormons live. Do they have bikes and they bike around all the time? Cause that’s the only time I see a Mormon and in New Zealand where I am they literally always want bikes.

Darick Mitchell: [00:00:40] Yep. They’re on bikes. They’re on a Ford focus.

Danny de Hek: [00:00:43] Wow. How about that? I’ve got you along and we’ve got a format which if you’re not familiar. What we do to our listeners we have 12 questions with what to hick and I’ve just got a card, a pack of about a hundred different questions. And I grabbed, I shuffled them in a grave at 12, and then I ask our geeses retina and Christian.

So, you know, I don’t know what the question is going to be next. And let’s see what the first one, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Darick Mitchell: [00:01:07] Anywhere in the world. Probably Ireland I would go back in. Yeah. Yup. That’s a tough one because I love mountains and I love oceans. I live in Utah, hiked all over. I do love oceans and forests, but my heritage has a lot of Celtic. Great, great grandparents were Scottish and Irish.

Danny de Hek: [00:01:32] I was killed.

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