Johnny Bigg Reviews - Expensive and Bad Quality Products

June 14, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2021 Episode 1101
Johnny Bigg Reviews - Expensive and Bad Quality Products
Show Notes

Hello, have you ever gone into a shop and thought I just got ripped off and you can't do anything about it? That happened to me. I went to Johnny Bigg, which has a shop in my local shopping mall at Northland Shopping Center. And I bought myself a belt. I don't know about you guys, but I've had belts that last few years, and I think I was replacing about that last for about 10 years or more.

Anyway, I bought a belt was at $99.95 belt. I had it for, I must've bought it. I paid cash for it and I must have bought it in February 2021. Now I went back into the shop and I said, look, I don't think I paid with Credit Card so I haven't got a receipt. However, is this your belt, They looked at as a, yes, this is one of our belts.

There's no doubt about that. And I said, well, I can't, I haven't kept the receipt and I was running. If you going to do anything about it, they said, leave it with me and I'll get. A manager to a ring, you know that. Okay. So I went out of the shop H went back half an hour later. Cause I said, I do remember, I think I paid cash just to let you know, anyway, went along three or four days, nothing happened.

So I rang up the shop and I said, hi, I'm Danny, the guy with the belt. Do you remember me? And they said, yes, we've got your belt right here. And it's, you know, we'll get the manager to ring you. So we did another two or three days and nothing happened. So I finished up going back into the shelf and they said, well, we tried to ring you.

But your phone number wouldn't work. So I said, if you've got the piece of paper that my phone number was on, they showed me it. And I said, well, that is my number. I don't know why it didn't work. Anyway. They said, look, can we count, find you in our system? Uh, and you, haven't got a receipt. We're willing to give you a discount on a new belt, but we're not going to replace the belt.

And I mean, okay. I said, I understand about having the receipt and that's my bad. I should keep all my receipts in social use. So you can go back to the shop. Because they don't have to, um, issue you a refund because of that. However, I said, but you're still selling these belts and they don't look like they are very good.

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