Podcasting Equipment and Software for the Beginner Podcaster

July 20, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2021 Episode 1102
Podcasting Equipment and Software for the Beginner Podcaster
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[00:00:25] Hello, I'm Danny de Hek. And this is WHAT : DE HEK podcast. I'm facilitating my own meeting today and this is what I call one of my personal rant podcasts. Now, I don't know if you subscribe to my channel, but you may have noticed I haven't actually done any podcasts in for quite some time. I discovered an app called clubhouse and I learned so much about podcasting.

[00:00:25] I had to upgrade my gear and go through a whole learning process once again. And I want to share the journey of becoming a podcaster with you. So if you were like me, you probably have a laptop and you're probably thinking I could become a podcaster. I can just get a microphone and start recording. Wow.

[00:00:45] Have I got news for you? Now my journey started by listening to other podcasts and finding the right gear. So today what I'd like to do is just run through some of the gear that I've had, um, that I recommend that I have found good for me. First thing you would probably need, if you were getting into podcasting is maybe a microphone.

[00:01:11] Now what I'm going to do, I'm just going to flip into a web browser and I'm going to show you the microphones that I use. This is what you call an auto auto microphone, which is a BP40. Now I stumbled across these microphones because originally when I was getting into podcasts, I was trying to record a group of 15 people in a room.

[00:01:36] And I got a blue Yeti mic. If you ever have one of those and this you're a musician, well, you've got yourself set up in a perfectly sound balanced room. Do not use a blue Yeti mic, just my opinion. Fall on your feet and get yourself a dynamic microphone, diabetes. I actually got two of these microphones and I'll just get my head out of it.

[00:01:55] Uh, and I had them in a room that was shaped like a horseshoe and I put two, these one each end of the room and it did capture the sound pretty good. However, it probably, um, wasn't even the right title of area was space to be able to record a podcast COVID Cape. And I cut it all my gear back home. And at the time I was using an app.

[00:02:21] Six by zoom, which is a recording device, and that was adequate for myself. But when I started wanting to record other people who were online, like, um, recording things over zoom or river, Riverside.fm, or, um, Zencastr, or, uh, stream labs or stream yard at the camera, a whole different complicated stuff.

[00:02:46] Sorry. First of all, what I did is I went out and got myself a RØDECaster Pro, and I'm just going to get the ball. Ooh, the box. Okay. Yeah, I wrote RØDECasters are absolutely awesome. Now the theory, first, one of these I've got, we'll just put it back on the floor. I got up home from the shop and I put it on the counter and it was buckled and every time I pushed the button.

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