Dyson Cyclone V11 $3 Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway on Facebook

November 09, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2021 Episode 1104
Dyson Cyclone V11 $3 Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway on Facebook
Show Notes

If it sounds too good to be true it often is.

If you haven’t been keeping up with current events, I own an electronics store called NZ : ELECTRONICS

Recently dubious people decided to start up a Facebook page called Electronics NZ and target New Zealanders with an unbelievable offer.

On the Facebook Page Kiwi’s can enter a competition to win a FREE Dyson V11, the good news is everybody is a winner! Reminds me of Oprah Winfrey “you get a new vacuum cleaner” and “you get a new vacuum cleaner” everyone gets a new vacuum cleaner!

You may have seen this post on Facebook…

“Dyson is selling the rest of Dyson Cyclone V11 for $3! Dyson Vacuum for $3⏳ Hurry to get it just by filling out the form! Distributed by Dyson™”

*The pigeon English should be a dead giveaway. If this message is from Dyson, why isn’t it on Dyson’s official Facebook page. The reason they are flogging the Dyson name is because they are trying to build up authenticity with you. This should be sending off alarm bells in your brain.

Last time I looked there was 3.7k comments and the post had been shared 226 times. You can read people‘s comments and “people” are posting photos of the Dyson Cyclone V11 they have received.

These are not genuine people, these are all part of the scammers plot, fake accounts, images that if you search Google for you will see they have been used on other posts, not the real deal.

The Electronics NZ Facebook page admin(s) is removing all the negative comments and only allowing positive comments and feedback to go on their page. Another way to scam people as they only see good reviews and they are building a relationship with your mind saying this is authentic when it is not!

Here is where you need to pay attention, for delivery you need to pay $2 and they ask you to enter all your personal details. You agree to the terms and conditions and let's be honest, no one ever reads these terms anyway. Then of course you have built enough confidence to submit your precious credit card details.

What in fact you have actually done, is allowed them to charge your credit card at leisure. The terms and conditions that you didn't take the time to read and you have agreed to, means you have signed up to other sites like, dating sites, casinos etc. This may not happen immediately, but if you don't stop your credit card, these charges will appear every month. Plus not to freak you out even more, I think you've just given them your personal address as well.

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