New Zealand Everyday Slang Words and Phrases, Colloquialisms

December 01, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2021 Episode 1105
New Zealand Everyday Slang Words and Phrases, Colloquialisms
Show Notes

New Zealand slang has developed over time from such a diverse mixture of backgrounds that it is sometimes difficult to establish exactly what phrases and slang words are originally from New Zealand!

However be assured that all of the listed words and phrases are used with regularity throughout New Zealand which will hopefully give you a better understanding of what your Kiwi mates are really trying to tell ya!

Ads – tv commercials, advertisements
Anklebiter – toddler, small child
Aotearoa – Maori name for New Zealand meaning land of the long white cloud
Arvo – afternoon
Bach – is a term that New Zealander’s use for a holiday home in the North Island
Banger – sausage, as in bangers and mash
Barbie – barbecue
Big smoke – large town or city
Bit of dag – hard case, comedian, person with character
Bitser – mongrel dog
Bloke – man
Brickie – bricklayer
Brown eye – to flash your naked butt at someone
Boy racer – is a term New Zealander’s use when they are referring to youth or young men driving fast cars that they have generally modified
Bring a plate – means bring a dish of food to share
Bugger – damn!
Bungy – kiwi slang for elastic strap, as in Bungy Jumping
Caravan – mobile home that you tow behind your car
Carked – fallen over or died
Cardi – cardigan
Cast – immobilised, unable to get to your feet
Cheers – thanks
Cheerio – goodbye
Cheerio – name for a cocktail sausage

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