Remote Working Secrets to Survive and Thrive the Home Office

December 10, 2021 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2021 Episode 1106
Remote Working Secrets to Survive and Thrive the Home Office
Show Notes

Do you enjoy waking up with no alarm clock, no appointments and no need to be anywhere or do anything?

That’s how I feel when I wake up on a Sunday morning imagine living your life like it was Sunday everyday. Do you think you would accomplish as much as you do if the reality was, every day is Sunday?

I’ve been self-employed for over 25 years and I’ve always said I don’t really feel like I’m working because I’m doing stuff I’m passionate about. That is what it’s all about really, when you find yourself working on a Sunday, not realising you actually are being productive and making money. There’s no such thing as Sunday-itis in my life!

Covid has certainly made us think differently, especially in the way that we work. A high percentage of us are now working from our homes, so distinguishing the difference between work and life is becoming more and more difficult. We all learn from each, other some people struggle with working from home, but I struggle working from an office.

Some of the advantages of working from home:

  • You don’t need to pre-prepare lunch
  • You save money on office rental
  • You can claim some of your expenses
  • You can justify a coffee machine
  • The office commute is merely footsteps

Some of the disadvantages of working from home:

  • Cabin fever
  • Motivation
  • No sense of direction
  • Human contact
  • Working all hours

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