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DANNY : DE HEK aka “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” – I’m a YOUTUBER, PODCASTER, EDUCATOR, BLOGGER a person of influence, I’m that guy who knows everybody and I’ve put together my website to show what I’m passionate about. I’m a firm believer of omnipresence!
The Kiwi YouTuber Taking Down the Crypto Scammers from his Christchurch Home by Radio New ZealandNovember 27, 2022 Episode artwork Is SEO a Scam? How to Combat Sneaky/Misleading Sales Tactics - Unsolicited Email/Phone Call PitchesNovember 16, 2022 Episode artwork HyperNation News Update – The Crypto Ponzi Scheme AvengerNovember 13, 2022 Episode artwork Are you a HyperNation Ponzi Scheme Victim! Contemplating Suicide? Understanding & Preventing SuicideOctober 30, 2022 Episode artwork "Crypto Money Laundering" Been Scammed by your HyperVerse Sponsor? Fraud Recovery Strategy ExplainedOctober 15, 2022 Episode artwork South African Man Lost 320,000 Rand ($18k USD) to HyperVerse (HVT) Crypto MetaVerse MLM Ponzi SchemeOctober 14, 2022 Episode artwork Is HyperNation a Scam or Legit? - Afrik Lad (Guest) Danny de Hek (Host) on the WHAT : DE HEK PodcastOctober 04, 2022 Episode artwork Scammed by HyperVerse? Who owns HyperVerse & HyperNation? Start Legal Action to recover your Crypto!September 10, 2022 Episode artwork Hypertech Group Historical Timeline 2014 to 2022 - HyperCapital, HyperFund, HyperVerse & HyperNationAugust 27, 2022 Episode artwork Marc Gardiner (AU) Vs Danny de Hek (NZ) - Is HyperNation a Scam or Legitimate?July 18, 2022 Episode artwork Ponzi Schemes (HyperVerse) Internet Scams – YouTube Channel Project Frugal & PonziHater – ScamDemicJune 16, 2022 Episode artwork Stop being exploited by Website Design & Development + SEO companiesMay 06, 2022 Episode artwork 7 Minute Explanation about the Mechanics of HyperVerse - Dedicated to the Poor PeopleApril 12, 2022 Episode artwork 10 Reasons why people are telling me HyperVerse is REAL and NOT a Ponzi Scheme or Scamming BillionsMarch 22, 2022 Episode artwork Escaping Suicide and Shunning by the Jehovah’s Witness CultFebruary 22, 2022 Episode artwork Remote Working Secrets to Survive and Thrive the Home OfficeDecember 09, 2021 Episode artwork New Zealand Everyday Slang Words and Phrases, ColloquialismsNovember 30, 2021 Episode artwork Dyson Cyclone V11 $3 Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway on FacebookNovember 08, 2021 Episode artwork 7 Steps for Creating Your Own Live Streaming Podcast StudioSeptember 16, 2021 Episode artwork Podcasting Equipment and Software for the Beginner PodcasterJuly 20, 2021 Episode artwork Johnny Bigg Reviews - Expensive and Bad Quality ProductsJune 14, 2021 Episode artwork WHAT : DE HEK Podcast - 12 Questions with ‘Ex-Jehovah’s Witness’ Darick Mitchell (Heathen Humanist)June 06, 2021 Episode artwork SEO Optimization Techniques to Increase Organic Search Engine TrafficApril 10, 2021 Episode artwork Advertising Value - How to Calculate Equivalency - Experiences, Problems and SolutionsApril 09, 2021 Episode artwork Mike Armstrong - Screw The Big Rooms Clubhouse Club by Welsh DragonApril 01, 2021 Episode artwork