Ponzi Schemes (HyperVerse) Internet Scams – YouTube Channel Project Frugal & PonziHater – ScamDemic

June 16, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2022 Episode 1112
Ponzi Schemes (HyperVerse) Internet Scams – YouTube Channel Project Frugal & PonziHater – ScamDemic
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[00:00:00] Hey you doing it’s Danny de Hek from the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast. Thanks for tuning in and listening to my podcast, got quite a lot of things to talk about today. I’ve got some facts on a review and use some common sense logic with you when using some reasoning. Now, the federal bank in America has just increased the lending rates, which will probably push America into a recession.

[00:00:29] And I have a YouTube Channel, which you may be aware of and what I’ve been doing. I’ve been busting a lot of crypto scams as they pop their ugly heads out of the internet and mislead people with lots of stories. And one of those companies that I’ve been spending a lot of my time and energy on is one called HyperVerse.

[00:00:51] And just recently it’s fallen over and there’s a lot of excuses out there on why. Pioneer and the rewards that are promised to the loyal members or the community after listening to one of the membership leadership videos. One of the thing was discussed a couple of weeks ago was about looking at the facts and reviewing the things that had actually happened with that company and seeing where they are at right now.

[00:01:21] If you’re not familiar with my YouTube Channel would recommend go into dehek.com and checking it out. One of my mates, Vinny, he’s got a YouTube channel called Project Frugal. Now he’s done a lot of research and he’s actually produced six videos of all the different stages that HyperVerse has gone through.

[00:01:43] And I’d recommend checking it out. His YouTube channel is actually called Project Frugal. And if you go to the first one, he starts from the humble beginnings and he actually looks at Ryan, uh, sorry, Ryan, you, and where he originates from and where he began his crusade, because a lot of the hype that’s going on about HyperTech is using Sam Lee and Ryan Xu.

[00:02:14] And about their background and their experience in crypto mining. But you may be surprised when the research is done properly. The origins of these guys, isn’t what they have been under the spotlight is. And I’m just going to play a little bit of in the market. As part of the HyperTech group is Ryan Xu, Chinese national.

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