Scammed by HyperVerse? Who owns HyperVerse & HyperNation? Start Legal Action to recover your Crypto!

September 10, 2022 DANNY : DE HEK Season 2022 Episode 1115
Scammed by HyperVerse? Who owns HyperVerse & HyperNation? Start Legal Action to recover your Crypto!
Show Notes

Hello welcome. You're listening to the WHAT : DE HEK Podcast, or you may be watching the Danny de Hek YouTube channel. Have you been scammed by HyperVerse? Do you know what HyperVerse is? Do you know who owns HyperVerse or hibernation? Well, there's a lot of people out there at the moment. They, you want to take legal action.

Against the company. It's a Ponzi scheme. It's not even really a company, even though they did start from a company called HyperTech group, they don't actually have any company. So the company founders were, what we've been told were actually two people. And that was Ryan Xu in Sam Lee. so recently I've been hanging out on Telegram something.

I didn't think I'd actually ever be doing. I actually hated the program, but now I've found myself an admin in a group called HyperVerse Lawsuit. And the people that are in the group, it's only about 500 people. They actually want to take. Legal action against this Ponzi scheme. And I keep upsetting people.

Now, if you have invested in a Ponzi scheme and you have realized that you've actually lost your money, it can be a pretty hard pill to swallow. And I don't want to be responsible for people's mental health because it's can be devastating when you lose money. So if you are feeling. Um, down and you don't know who to talk to reach out to a neighbor or a close friend and, uh, tell them how you're feeling and get some help if you are feeling down, because it's not a nice thing when somebody told you something that was technically too good to be true.

And then you find out it's not true. So these two people, Ryan and Sam, they do have a history of being involved in crypto companies. But my feeling is unless the world unites and we all start working as one entity, it's a very hard thing to put together a lawsuit that can actually do any good. And I honestly believe that these two people are either already in a Chinese prison.

Some. or hiding and will never be able to get them, but because this Ponzi scheme has actually grown. Since 2019, it started off as, uh, HyperCapital and then they rebranded to HyperFund. And then in December, this year, it changed to HyperVerse. And then just on the 22nd of August, they're still going, they've changed it to HyperNation.

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